What to Expect During Your Sri Lanka Trekking Holidays

Sri Lanka trekking holidays will bring you to the mystical island that has caught the eye of many travelers and many adventure seekers. Who can resist the overflowing beauty of the landscape, the people and the culture of Sri Lanka? It has one of the oldest cultures tracing back to 2500 years ago. As the "Pearl of the Orient", the "Teardrop of India" and the "Resplendent Isle", it is no wonder visitors flock to Sri Lanka every year. It is especially popular among holiday goers. They are attracted to the mysticism that seems to surround the island of Sri Lanka.

Because it is near the equator, it receives abundant sunlight which gives the island its general tropical climate that brings about luscious jungles and green valleys. There are plenty of natural sceneries that Sri Lanka boasts of and this is why many people have their holidays. The trekking tours usually go around the many rice terraces, cultural villages, plantations, mountains and temples that are scattered around the island. The Kandyan Kingdoms is one of the popular trekking tours. It is a gentle hike around the coast where you can see the cultural icons, the pathways and the view of the Knuckles Mountains. It usually includes a visit to the sanctuaries hidden in the Buddhist forest.

Most of the trekking includes trails featuring the Anuradhapura and the Polonnaruwa, the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. You can stroll around the cultural villages or gaze at the Indian Ocean where you can easily spot whales swimming and all kinds of sea creatures.

Travelers want to have an off the rack experience during the holidays. They want an adventure and a new experience that is different from their usual day. The island is already exquisitely beautiful and the place itself is unique on its own. With the unique blend of culture, Sri Lanka naturally attracts adventure seekers. The trekking holidays is a great way to get to know the island and see its many wonders while enjoying outdoor trekking.