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What Should You Do With Old Hearing Aids

If you have a new set of hearing aids, you may be wondering what to do with your old ones. Here are some suggestions.

Hearing aids can be quite expensive. One possibility is to sell hearings online. Craigslist, Ebay and other sites have many listings offering used hearing aids for sale. However, be sure you have all the documentation about the hearing aids or else people won't buy them. Include the manufacturer, model number, instructions, age, battery type, condition and warranty information.

If you are selling your used hearing aids online, explain why you are selling them: Did the original owner die? Did they simply not fit your ear comfortably? Did you get a cochlear implant? Potential buyers appreciate knowing the circumstances.

Carefully compare prices to other hearing aids, both new and used. Keep your price within the same range and be sure to consider shipping and handling fees.

Unfortunately, people are cautious about buying used hearing aids and you may not get the amount of money you hoped for by selling them. If you can afford to, consider donating them instead. One advantage to donating hearing aids is that you may be able to deduct their value from your income tax return. It's best to consult a tax professional for the most up-to-date information on charitable donations.

There are many groups that accept hearing aid donations. The most prominent of these groups are the Lions Clubs and the Knights of Columbus. Hearing aid manufacturers also donate used hearing aids to these and other groups. The used hearing aids are fixed and cleaned and either given to the needy or sold with the proceeds going to charity.

When selling or donating used hearing aids, be sure to package them carefully. As a courtesy, carefully clean them as directed by the manufacturer. Use bubble wrap or other cushioning to hold them in place during shipping and to avoid damage. Be sure to include all documentation. Insure the package in case it is lost or damaged en route.

The recipient of a used hearing aid should take them to an audiologist for proper adjustment. Digital hearing aids need to be reprogrammed. An in-the-ear unit would need a new shell to fit a specific ear. Over-the-ear models may need new tubing. Manufacturers can provide the appropriate sizes.