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Tuberculosis Symptoms Diagnosis And Causes

Tuberculosis is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. With the development of new effective medicines and the improvement of living standards mortality produced by tuberculosis decreased. In less developed countries many people are still affected by tuberculosis and die every year, although tuberculosis is more common in area where poverty, malnutrition and social disruption are obvious.

Alcoholics, HIV-positive individuals, some recent immigrants and healthcare workers, those who live in homeless hostels, prisons are at increased risk.

The most severe form of tuberculosis is the one affecting the lungs, but one person may be infected through the blood in the bones, the urinary tract and sexual organs, the intestines and even in the skin and lymph nodes. Tuberculous meningitis is more often in young children and is life threatening condition. Tuberculosis bacterias are transmitted through the air by coughing, speaking or sneezing. Exposed in the ultraviolets and sun micobacteria tuberculosis are destroyed.

First the person infected develops the primary infection , if your immune system is healthy the infection remains dormant and may manifest later in life or remain as primary infection for the whole life. Usually the most common place for the infection are the lungs.

Tuberculosis symptoms are: chronic or persistent cough and sputum production which may contain blood, lack of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, fever, night sweats. Tuberculosis can be easily mistaken with any other disease.

Atypical micobacterias can be present as colonising organisms without causing the disease. You should address your doctor if you cough for more than 3 weeks, after a chest Xray examination the diagnosis will be quite easy to make. Because the culture of tuberculosis bacteria takes long: 4-12 weeks quicker methods are used, DNA techniques and a skin reaction Mantoux Test can sometimes be a great help. The skin reaction to tuberculin may appear either if tuberculine was injected subcutaneous or if the person has recently got infected with micobacteria tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is not spread by clothes or bedding but one may take it from the air, sputum or any other close contact with a person carring the infection although it is not. Famous artists, musicians and poets succumbed to tuberculosis, because they weren't paying proper attention to the disease and to its therapy.

In studies conducted throughout the world its efficacity has varied dramatically. BCG consists of the virulent M.Bovis attenuated. Today, there are a variety of related "BCG" vaccines that today have varying genotypic and phenotypic characteristics, distributed strains have been propagated throughout the world under varying conditions. Annual deaths from tuberculosis are still ten times greater than all the deaths from HIV put together. The various exposure to environmental mycobacteria may be the single contributor to the variability in BCG's efficacy.