Travel Insurance From TATA AIG

Quiet often you might want to spend your leisure time on a holiday exploring different parts of the world. Travelling to your dream destination which you once dreamt about will be remembered fondly throughout your life. This exciting experience would include adventures, view of unique landscapes and sceneries, eating in various multi-cuisines restaurants, shopping across different brands, enjoying the glimpse of the gigantic skyscrapers, beautiful animals parks as well as botanical gardens and the list goes on...

Unfortunately along with enjoying your holiday you have a big responsibility and that is to give your health a high priority. You might not know when you would come across a medical emergency. Medical expenses abroad are very expensive and your happy experiences could become a disaster. Therefore when you plan your long awaited holiday, it is advisable to do a reality check and plan a secured and tension free holiday by investing just a small sum of money on a good travel insurance plan which would keep you and your family safe during this expedition.

People exploring different parts of the world every year must see that they are insured with proper insurance. Buyers should also Beware! Since there are many insurance companies providing different polices you might not be sure which one to buy. Each of the policies provides different coverage depending on the different situations you would come across. Most of the insurance companies know the need of the people while travelling. TATA AIG travel insurance is one of the renowned insurance company which offers travel insurance for people. Some of the travel plans offered under TATA AIG travel insurance are as follows:

Travel Guard Insurance

The Travel guard insurance provides coverage for all overseas travelers up to the age of 79. It does not require medical examination up to 79 years. There are 3 policy maximums available, the Silver plan for $50,000/-, the Gold plan for $200,000/- and the Platinum plan for $500,000/-. This policy is valid for 180 days initially, and can be renewed further for another 90 days. For travellers who are more than 70 years old, only the $50,000 coverage is available.

Asia Guard Insurance

Travelers visiting Asian countries like Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives... can purchase Asia Guard Insurance. Only Japan and Korea are the Asian countries that are excluded in Asia Guard travel insurance. However the Asia Guard policy is available for a maximum of 14 days only. For travel within Asia but for more than 14 days, travelers should purchase the Travel guard insurance policy.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Travelers who make multiple trips to foreign countries annually can purchase Annual Multi Trip travel insurance for medical coverage. Annual Multi Trip insurance is available as Gold plan and Platinum plan providing maximum coverage of $250,000 and $500,000 respectively. Travelers with the Annual Multi trip insurance policy cannot exceed a single trip overseas for more than 30 or 45 days depending on the plan purchased.

Domestic Guard Insurance

Those who travel within India should not take their health issues for granted by ignoring the importance of travel insurance policy. Domestic Guard insurance plans cover specific risks that are encountered by the travelers in case of an emergency. Domestic Guard insurance can be purchased according to one's age group.

Student Insurance