Top 5 Attractions in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka a Place Where Wonders Will Never Cease

Popular as a the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka is a country that is bountifully rich in natural resources, beaches, mountains, culture, traditions and boasts of civilizations which are over 2000 years old. To list a mere five attractions from a possible thousand and one is indeed an arduous task.

The beaches which surround the tiny island are probably the hottest tourist attracters. Take a drive down to the South and find that the beaches only become more beautiful. Stop at the Southern most point of Sri Lanka, 'Point Dondra', in Galle to watch the sun set into the horizon and nearby you will find a glorious natural harbor and a perfect place to spot whales. The golden beaches are caressed by the warm rays of the tropical sun throughout the year making it a haven for holiday makers. The Galle fort, a recognized UNESCO heritage is replete with bastions and a light house and definitely worth a visit.

Meandering into the heart of the country, you will be struck by how the climate changes to clemency. The winding roads will take you to the hill capital of Kandy where a chilly breeze will greet you. Kandy is home to the 'Dalada Maligawa', the home of the most venerated tooth relic of the Buddha. The architecture, murals and museum within the premises of the temple depict the skills and crafts prevalent during the reign of the Kandyan era. The waterfalls, lakes and stylishly landscaped gardens combine gracefully with the culturally and religiously rich city, making it a much desired holiday choice of both locals and foreigners.

Journey to the North Central part of Sri Lanka to the 'Cultural Triangle' and the weather becomes dry and humid. The olden day kingdoms, fortresses, temples and museums are well preserved with little development or modernization. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa the first two kingdoms of Sri Lanka, are home to several UNESCO world heritage sites and are the primary points of the triangle.