The Best Sri Lanka Cycling Tours

Are you interested in experiencing the Sri Lanka cycling tours? If you want a unique cycling experience, then you should not miss out on Sri Lanka. The beautiful landscape of the country is perfect for cyclists; the mountains, tropical forests, beaches, valleys, ancient cities and cultural villages offer a one of a kind experience. More than just the natural beauty of the country, cyclists can enjoy the 2500 year old culture of Sri Lanka.

For cyclists, the temperature, the weather and the type of roads are important when going into trails. Here is a guide to the general temperature, climate and types of trail in Sri Lanka:


The lowlands are typically tropical with an average of 27 degrees centigrade temperature. The Central Hills has a lower temperature compared to most lowland areas; its temperature is around 14 degrees centigrade. During the months of May to July, expect rain from the southeast monsoon to hit the west, southwest and central areas. During the months of December and January, the northwest monsoon brings rain to the lowlands. However, the general climate is typically favorable for tourists on holiday in Sri Lanka all year round.

Soft Trails

The soft trails are relatively easy and these short trails are typically taken by beginners and for leisure riders. The soft trails are mostly dirt roads and are situated on flat and gentle slopes. These trails are not as difficult as the trails chosen by serious and adventurous cyclists. The duration for the trails is typically short and the locations are usually in lower altitudes. These trails are often used as a rest period for cyclists during tours. Sometimes, cyclists would pass by soft trails four to five hours in a day.

Moderate Trails

The moderate trails are reserved for more adventurous and experienced cyclists. The Sri Lanka cycling tours usually take a weekend to cover the hills and the mountains which are more difficult than the soft trails. The riders, who undertake this kind of trail, are those who have had regular training and have built up the endurance for these longer trails. There are also gentle off road trails and technical sections so cyclists can change the level of difficulty of the trail they are on while riding. Usually, the duration is five to seven hours.