Sri Lanka Holidays - Excellent Tourist Destination

The most scenic islands in the world - Sri Lanka, have been alluring visitors on Sri Lanka holidays not only lately but from ages. Sri Lanka is a land blessed with enormous natural wealth that has made it a much sought after destination. Located in the center of Indian Ocean, the Sri Lanka map forms a teardrop shape, right at the southern tip of India. A rich colorful country welcomes its visitors with all the warmth and an opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of this island. A small island it has around twenty million people inhabiting it. Though, the country has increasingly become a popular for beach holidays, but there is much more that interests tourists. Besides the beautiful beaches, there is this spectacular scenery, historic temples and a rich culture to experience and explore.

Sri Lanka holidays are an excellent way to explore the country's beauty, and scenic sights of the beautiful island. Most of the regions fall under the tropical zone and thus enjoy a pleasant climate with temperatures hovering around 27 degree C. A bright, sunny and warm is what a typical day in the country is like, with no off-season in particular. However, the monsoon months if avoided is best as it becomes very humid. The upper areas on the Sri Lanka map are cooler in comparison and temperatures get low as 16 degrees C. The county has many opportunities for the tourists where they can visit the tea plantations, colonial cities, and the historical traditional villages. Moreover, each Sri Lankan city has its own feel and uniqueness that play an important role in the country's tourism. While some cities occupy historical importance, then there are some cities that are popular pilgrimage centers and some strike magic with their breath taking beauty. Tourists are welcomed with open arms and a well-developed infrastructure goes hand in hand.

Of the many cities in the country, Colombo Sri Lanka is the biggest city and the commercial center of the country. Located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, is the perfect starting point to other tourist places. The city is also one of the biggest and busiest ports of the country and over a million people reside here. It is no longer the country's political capital after it was shifted to Sri Jayawardene Pura, it still witnesses the country's hustle and bustle. The city finds travelers, which who only make a small stopover, but the city has its share of tourist places comprising of the national museum, temples, churches, and the old parliament building. Colombo is worth a stay with its tourist places and the climate that is consistently hot and humid all through the year. It does not make a difference when you decide to come; the climate is temperate all through with no major variations.