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Overcrowding Population

When my boyfriend and I moved from our last apartment into our current one, we did so because we had most certainly outgrown our last apartment. But more importantly perhaps, we were tired of the traffic in the immediate area as well as the inability to find a parking space at our apartment complex when we would come home from work. The situation now? While our current apartment is considerably larger and there seems to be ample parking, the parking situation is even worse! To add insult to injury, the surrounding area that we live in also happens to be the hub for many new and emerging businesses that are erupting, thereby making the main road where we live a sort of super highway for folks who are traveling to and from work in the mornings and evenings. It is all that we can do to avoid the traffic backups that occur like clockwork around rush hour. For instance, to travel three miles down the road to go to the supermarket would take fifteen to twenty minutes if I were to leave during the afternoon/evening rush hour! I would get there faster by running in many cases!

As for the parking, because we live in a prime area and because of how our apartment complex is set up, there is plenty of parking...but just not outside of the one apartment building that we live in. As a result, depending on what time of day you come home, you can almost be guaranteed to have to park a half mile away from the building, so be prepared. In many cases, some residents have taken to parking illegally outside of the building, which has been causing problems of its own in that doing so is unsightly and sometimes prevents other people from backing out of their parking space in order to get to work on time. So, is the problem with the parking one of poor planning or overcrowding? My boyfriend and I were trying to figure it out and we figured that if there were two vehicles alloted to each apartment within the buildings that share the parking lot that we park in, there STILL wouldn't be ample parking. Therefore, perhaps this is due to poor planning on the builder's part.

The fact of the matter is that areas all around the country are feeling the effects of this sudden surge in the number of people who are relocating to various areas either because of overcrowding where they currently live or because of job opportunities. The only thing that we can do now is keep our eyes on what happens and hopefully come up with some sort of a solution to tackle the population increases and suburban sprawl.

By: David Williams 2