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Malaria Treatment Cure

Malaria is a recurrent or periodic fever. The fever is indicated by alternating chills and heat with perspiration. There are not normally any symptoms immediately following the mosquito bites. It takes a little time before you develop any.Malaria is a disease which can be transmitted to people of all ages. It is caused by parasites of the species Plasmodium that are spread from person to person through the bites of infected mosquitoes. Malaria is a parasitic disease that involves infection of the red blood cells. Of the four types of malaria, the most serious type is falciparum malaria, which can be life-threatening. The other three types of malaria (vivax, malariae, and ovale) are generally less serious and are not life-threatening. The scientific name of the particular type of mosquito is Anopheles.

This disease is spread around by mosquitoes, and an interesting fact is that it's the female mosquito that bites the prospective malarial patient. The male insect does not carry the parasites which cause the disease, as the parasites transmitted by the female mosquito enters the blood stream and reach the liver where they mature and multiply. From there on, the rest of the parasites are further released into the blood stream.If you're going on holiday or if you're going to be working in malarial areas most travel companies and Doctors will advise what sort of precaution and prevention you will need. Some of preventive drugs can have side affects but it will be certainly worth the risk rather than catching Malaria, and the most frightening thing for most people is that it can take a week before any Malaria symptoms can be detected.

Malaria is transported by the female mosquito. When an infected mosquito bites, she transmits malaria parasites to her victim who falls ill. Malaria has an incubation of 10-21 days but may be longer. In humans, the malarial parasites (called sporozoites) after being released into the bloodstream from a mosquito bite, migrate to the liver where they mature and release another form, the malarial merozoites. Malaria is a leading cause of death and disease worldwide, especially in developing countries. Most death s occur in young children.The narrow-minded and clearly misguided decisions taken a little over half a century ago, by a group of "intelligent men and women" who were considered "leaders" in their various fields, have today created a situation that is steadily consolidating a negative hold on human health to become a global disaster and international emergency.

By: john alter