Its Official - Yuvraj is a Test Batsman Now

The Indian test team to tour Sri Lanka has been announced. The team will play 3 test matches in July and August.

I won't dwell on the bowling where there's not much the selectors can do. As long as Zaheer and Harbhajan are there, the others don't matter.

But what is it about the 'fast' bowlers who get selected for India? Before selection, there are called 'tearaway' fast bowlers (a euphemism for 140 kmph).

Munaf Patel, for instance, came into the team as a genuine fast bowler with a good showing in a first class match against an England team led by Flintoff. Have you ever seen Munaf top 130 kmph, recently?

Take a look at Ishant Sharma. He was the first Indian to break the 150 kmph barrier in 2007. But how fast is he now? He rarely ever hits even 140 kmph, these days.

This team is carrying a newbie in Mithun. Time alone will tell how successful he will be, leave alone how fast. How often have we all seen a newbie travelling with the team and getting dropped thereafter without playing a single match.

But the moment they are in, they drop down to 125 kmph. Coming back to Harbhajan, if he can maintain his fitness, the sardar can be in the team as long as he wants, because he has no competition, whatsoever. The only player who actually got faster after he joined the team was Kumble. But wait, he was a spinner.

Ojha, more often than, has squandered the many chances given him. Mishra has been more successful in ODIs but ironically, more with bat than ball.