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How To Treat Tuberculosis Naturally

First, The Causes:

Tuberculosis may affect not only the lungs, but other parts of the body as well, especially the bones and kidneys, but also sometimes the intestines, spleen, and liver.

This disease is caused by bacteria. But intemperance in eating, drinking, and dressing, exposure to cold, loss of sleep, impure air, lack of proper exercise, not breathing deeply enough to open up all the lung cells, leading a sedentary life, overwork, lack of properly prepared nourishing food, and an unbalanced diet all pave the way for the tuberculosis germ to gain a foothold.

The Symptoms

The symptoms may be slow in developing. There is usually a cough, and many times the sputum that is coughed up contains blood. The cough may gradually become more severe.

There is frequently an associated fever, profuse sweating at night, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Chest pain may be present when there is an associated pleurisy. Sometimes the lymph nodes in one or both sides of the neck are enlarged (scrofula) was frequently caused by drinking milk that was contaminated with the tuberculosis bacteria; however, it is now very rare to contract tuberculosis in this manner, since pasteurization of milk kills the germs that cause tuberculosis.

Medicinal Herbs

Golden Seal:

One of the best remedies of all the herbs. It seems like a cure all because it kills and neutralizes poisons. It's great for stomach problems and nausea. It works for all skin problems incredibly well. Helps digestion. It cures most all throat problems. Great for colds and fevers. Makes a fine tonic. Body parts: it's excellent for the eyes. Good for prostate troubles.


Great for bronchial troubles and cough.

"Side Effects"