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Hearing Aids For Seniors 5 Steps To Choosing The Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

Every now and then tasks are placed before us in our life, on subject matters that we know nothing about.

When I had to start looking for a hearing aid for my mother, I found hundreds of different options on the market. I know nothing about hearing aids for seniors! I spent well over 97 hours researching these options available, and before I knew it, WELL over 2 solid weeks of my time was gone.

Did it pay off? You bet it did. But I honestly would NEVER want to put anyone else through the same paces that I went through.

So I jotted some notes down during my research process and posted it here with hopes that it will help others save an enormous amount of time and money.

Hopefully you'll find this list helpful when choosing from the numerous hearing aids for seniors.

1. Make It Comfortable:

I've researched a number of units, which seems like hundreds of products at this point, and found MOST of them were cumbersome to use and wear. What I mean is, don't get your loved ones something that "looks" like a hearing aid, it that makes them look old.

Those huge "Over the Ear" or "Behind the Ear" hearing aids are like using a bag cell phone instead of the small handheld ones we use today. They are bulky, clunky, and they are simply outdated.

What you want is something that you can't see, so get one that is "small" or even "micro" so it can easily be concealed. Something else you should know... most hearing devices are analog, so...

2. Make Sure It's Digital:

You can't imagine the difference between listening through an analog device like this versus a digital one. Hearing cracking and fuzz, it's like comparing the quality of CDs versus cassette tapes.

The enhanced digital sound quality is literally crystal clear... at least, that's what my mother says. Digital hearing aids will give the individual the best chance to hear everything around them with ease.

Also, save some money by...

3. Getting a Rechargeable Unit:

Ok, there are two HUGE Benefits here. First, if you haven't researched hearing aid batteries, know that some of these batteries only last up to 9 hours!

When I heard that I almost flipped! 9 HOURS? Batteries range from $5 to $16. Can you imagine wearing a hearing aid for 30 days spending just $5 per day? That's OVER $80 per month in batteries!

Get a rechargeable unit and SAVE $80 per month. The Second major benefit - there's no fumbling with batteries! You almost can't see them in the first place let alone change them out. No way! Get a rechargeable.

4. Make It Affordable:

In the research I've done, I've come across some amazing prices; ranges from $90 (for the big, bulky, military radio looking hearing aid) to just over $2,000 for just a single unit!