Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka - A Review

The small island of Sri Lanka is found on the Indian Ocean. Its close proximity to the country of India is reflected in Sri Lankan recipes, just like the Dutch, Portuguese, and British cuisines that resulted to those countries occupations of Sri Lanka. Over the years, these Sri Lankan dishes were revised to cater more to the local appetite and that is why most of the spices are found in the island.

The book Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka contains interesting Sri Lankan information such as spice definition, their usage and where to find them, sample menus, usual cooking styles, as well as a background of the Sri Lankan utensils used. About one hundred and fifty recipes are found in Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka.

A wide selection of curry dishes, rice meals and even desserts are available to the readers of Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka wherein the ingredients are not hard to find for they are all in your local Asian delis. For those who are not familiar or are just beginners in Sri Lankan cooking, the book Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka is a great reading material to start with. Take note that the simple recipes that the book contains also have lots of spices and chili that is characteristic of Sri Lankan cuisine. To people who are not that fond of spicy food, it is up to them to tone down a bit when it comes to sprinkling the spices.