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Effective Online Teaching Aids

LearningTRACS is one of the few "cloud-based" online teaching aids that present text and images as an educational or therapeutic aid. Since it is a "cloud-based" program it can be accessed with any computer or other device with Internet capabilities. Children or adults in the following areas will find online teaching aids such as learningTRACS to be helpful:

- Developmental Disorders

- Autistic Spectrum Disorders

- Learning Disabilities

- Speech and Language Therapy

- Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury

- Memory Loss in Adults

- Social Emotional Disorders

LearningTracs was created to help anyone with developmental challenges in a learning or rehabilitative setting to have access to an online tool that displays text and images in a systematic way. Developers of learningTracs have years of experience in helping autistic children with learning and in helping adults with their memories and education. learningTRACS addressed the obvious lack of software in visual training and set to developing the software to aid learning disabled children and adults.

LearningTracs is a teaching tool with the following features:

- Text and image frames are edited and displayed for each individual.

- An instructor can use built-in templates or build his/her on template from scratch.

- LearningTRACS creates folders that can be personalized with each user's individual planned program for learning.

- A personal library of images can be added to myImages to make learningTracs even more personalized. Users or instructors can add images that are favorites of the user such as dinosaurs, trains, or super heroes. This helps children retain information because they can identify with their favorite characters.

- TRACS can be exchanged or shared with other members through a LearningTRAC online board.

The LearningTRACS program was influenced by the recent shift to "cloud-based" and online teaching aids. LearningTRACS teaching aids are based on the repetitive visual learning method.

Repetition is a basic human learning strategy. Small children use repetition to learn how to talk. Athletes use repetition to perfect their skills. Repetition can seem boring to children and adults with normal learning abilities. However, for people with learning challenges repetition is one of the best ways to learn.

Learning by repetition takes an great amount of time. When children and adults have difficulty with visual recall they must use massive amounts of repetition to master learning. The learningTRACS online teaching aid can be accessed from an iphone, kindle, or other portable device with Internet. The user can use the repetitive features of the online teaching aids while waiting in lines, traveling as a passenger, or anytime without having to be in front of a computer screen.

By: TCapper